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Hiya darlings! This is Maxie here! ♥ I'm not interested in rabid pairing-bashing or canon nazism or anything like that. Me, I'm just all about porn. Doesn't matter if it's gay or straight, whether it involves humans or monsters or random objects, or even if it's got crazy fetishes. It's all hawt to me~ ♥

[Not a real journal - sock puppet for the War Comms!]

Interests (100):

, anime, anti-censorship, anti-elitism, bdsm, being a babe, being a domme, being awesome, being bold, being horny, being sexy, being shameless, being tall, blowjobs, bondage, bondage gear, boobs, buttsex, canon shmanon, college rules, cunnilingus, darlings, dildos, dirty talk, dominatrix suits, doujinshi, drawing porn, fanservice, fellatio, femdom, fetishes, fighting with gordon, fighting with missy, fighting with trisha, flirting, flying dildos, gangbangs, gen is boring, glasses, gordon is a twat, hardcore porn, harems, having fun, hawt sex, hentai, het, hitting people with dildos, joe kickass, joe rocks, julia's a sweetie, kama sutra, kinks, leather, lemons, libido, manga, marshmallows, masturbation, missy's a bitch, monsters/humans, non con, obnoxious laughter, orgies, pansexual, panty shots, percy-chan blows, picking on lucy, porn, pornography, prudes suck, pwp, riding crops, sandy is cool, schlicking, sex, sex scenes in canon, sleazy dialogue, smut, standing up for molly, standing up for syrius, stephanie rocks the house, stiletto heels, strapons, talking like a slut, taunting mary ellen, teasing rod, threesomes, tormenting esmeralda, trisha's a bitch, tuxedo wank man sucks, uncontrollable libido, video games, weird pairings, weird porn scenarios, whips, wii tennis, writing porn, writing shocking porn, yaoi, yuri
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